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March 10th, 2018 by rajtechnews

A life insurance policy isn’t just a tax saver. It is an essential instrument to keep your family from financial harm. Due diligence must be done when you buy your policy. However, the process doesn’t end with you signing your cheque and receiving your policy document. Let’s walk you through the three stages of life insurance ownership, and the steps you need to take in each stage. Remember, as the policy holder, you need to get these steps right. If something were to go wrong during your claim process, you wouldn’t be around to fix it.

Stage 1 – Before Buying

* Decide what to buy – Life insurance comes in various forms: Term plans, endowment plans, cashback, children’s education, ULIPs, retirement plans, and so on. Determine your need for insurance correctly. We believe your first life insurance plan should always be a term plan. This provides you life protection at affordable costs.

* Ascertain ideal coverage: It’s vital that you calculate your insurance requirements and not limit it to the amount of tax you need to save. As a thumb rule, your insurance should provide at least 15-20 times your current annual income. The amount should be enough to protect your family in the immediate future, and cover the surviving spouse’s income needs, settle your debts and liabilities, and provide for your children’s future needs such as education and healthcare.

* Ascertain ideal tenure & premium: Know your policy’s tenure. Ideally, pick the longest possible tenure — 30-40 years, or more. There are full-life policies in the market as well. A long coverage would protect your family through your working life and even in your retirement. Your premiums, too, would remain fixed through the tenure, as opposed to having to buy new policies at higher premiums later in life. Secondly, know your premium costs and when they’re due. Do not buy a policy whose sum assured isn’t at least 10 times the annual premium.

* Understand policy benefits: Ascertain the policy benefits and understand under what conditions they’re paid out. Beyond the basic sum assured, maturity amount, and surrender value, there may be riders and add-ons. If it’s an investment-linked insurance, study the risks and returns carefully. Compare these to other options such as PPF.

* Read application carefully: Ensure the guarantees of the policy are printed in the product brochure. Do not take verbal assurances alone from the seller. Read the application form carefully. Don’t be hurried into signing it. Share all personal, health, nominee, and contact details correctly on the form. Inducement to purchase insurance is illegal; you can register a police complaint against any persons inducing you to buy insurance.

Stage 2 – After Buying & During Tenure

* Check policy for errors: Once you receive your policy document, ensure it is what you had paid for. The product name, sum assured, tenure, premium, nominee details, and all other particulars should conform to your expectations. Especially ensure your personal details are correct.

* Tell your family: After receiving the policy, tell your family and nominees about it. Keep the policy in a safe place where it can be accessed by your nominees. Also ensure they understand all policy benefits.

* Ensure regular payments: Check for your premium due dates. They could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual as per your request. Ensure you are aware of the dues. The best way to make your payments would be creating an ECS mandate with your bank account to automate your payments.

* Use free look period if necessary: If there are minor corrections to be made on the policy, you may do these by communicating with your insurer. However, should you find that the policy isn’t what you had expected, you can immediately use the free look period of 15 days (30 days, if purchased from a distance marketing channel) to return it and get a refund.

* Ensure continuity: For a life insurance policy to keep delivering its benefits, you must keep paying your premiums regularly. Breakage in payments leads to breakage in benefits. This not only puts your family at risk, it also means you don’t get optimal returns if you’ve bought an investment-linked plan.

* Re-evaluate coverage: What seems like a sizeable sum assured may not feel so after a few years, during which the value of the rupee would have inflated and your income would have increased as well. Periodically — at least once every five years — take stock of your total life cover and decide if it’s enough. Buy additional coverage if required.

Stage 3 – End of the policy

Scenario 1: Your policy matures: Investment-linked policies have a maturity value which are paid out at the end of the tenure. Determine your benefits and visit your insurer with the required documents to collect your payout. However, a pure insurance cover such as a term plan will not have any maturity benefits.

Scenario 2: You surrender the policy: If you decide to end the policy before its full tenure, you have two options. In case of an investment policy, you can surrender the policy and get your corpus minus some charges back. If you have a term plan, you can let the policy lapse by not paying the premium.

Scenario 3: You have passed away: After your death, an insurance claim can be initiated by your nominees. Make sure they’re aware of the location of the policy document and have all other necessary documents required to initiate the claims process.



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February 21st, 2018 by rajtechnews

Related image

Recently LIC declared the bonus rates for the year 2017-18. Let us see the complete details about LIC Bonus Rates for 2017-18 and how they affect your life insurance returns.

What is the meaning of bonus for LIC policies?

When you buy a traditional with profit product from LIC, then your returns from such policy mainly depends on what will be the rate of bonus. LIC declares bonus on the yearly basis. Usually, you will not find any such drastic change. But it is always better to track the bonus rates.

Let us say you bought LIC’s Jeevan Anand for the term of 20 years and sum assured as Rs.5,00,000. If LIC declared bonus as Rs.45 for this product, then the calculation will be as below.

The bonus rates will be based on three criteria.

# Term of policy-Higher the tenure means higher the rate.

# Sum Assured-LIC bonus depends on per Rs.1,000 of Sum Assured. Hence, if you bought higher sum assured policy, then your bonus accumulation will be at the higher end.

So from above example, if LIC declared you Rs.45 as bonus per Rs.1,000 sum assured for 20 years policy, then the bonus accumulation for that year will be as below.

Rs.22,500=(Rs.45 x Rs.5,00,000)/Rs.1,000.

Remember this Rs.22,500 will not be payable to you. But it will be with LIC and you receive this amount during the time of death claim or maturity. The most important point to note that they will not add any amount on this Rs.22,500. It will remain same till the period of death claim or maturity date.

How to calculate returns for your LIC policy?

In simple, I explained how to calculate bonus for a year. But LIC offers different products like the endowment, limited endowment or money back plans. In such a situation, you may find it difficult to calculate returns on your LIC plan. Hence, I created a video about this.

This below video will explain you about how to calculate returns on your LIC plans using excel sheet. It is too simple and convenient for you to calculate.

LIC Bonus Rates for 2017-18 for closed plans

Hope you got the clarity about the importance of bonus rates for your traditional plans. Now let us concentrate on recently declared LIC Bonus Rates for 2017-18.

The below reversionary bonus rates are applicable for policy year entered upon during the inter valuation period i.e. 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017 and in force for full sum assured as on 31/03/2017. It would apply to policies resulting into claims by death or maturity (including those discounted within one year of maturity) or surrendered on or after 01/01/2018.

The above interim bonus rates are applicable to policies in respect of each policy year entered upon after 31/03/2017 and result into claims by death or maturity (including those discounted within one year of maturity) or are surrendered during the period commencing from 01/01/2018 and ending 9 months from the date of next valuation.

No cash bonus has been declared in respect of New Jeevan Akshay – I (Plan 146).

This time, I separated the plans in two ways. One for the old policies which are closed and another list for the new policies which are currently available for purchase.


LIC Bonus Rates for 2017-18 closed plans


Note-The Bonus rates which are marked in red are changed from earlier rates. For example, earlier for Jeevan Surabhi (Plans 106, 107 and 108), the bonus rate for 11 to 15, 16-20 and above 20 years plans was Rs.38, Rs.42, and Rs.44 respectively. Not it changed to Rs.34, Rs.41, and Rs.50 respectively.

LIC Bonus Rates for 2017-18 for new plans

Let us now look at the bonus rates of the new plans which are currently offered by LIC.


LIC Bonus Rates for 2017-18 for LIC's new plans


Note-For Jeevan Pragati (Plan 838), earlier for policies whose term is between 16 years to 20 years was Rs.40. But now it increased to Rs.41.

LIC’s Jeevan Saral (Plan 165) Loyalty Addition for 2017-18

For LIC’s Jeevan Saral, Bonus will not apply. But it is LA based on the MSA (Refer my post “LIC’s Jeevan Saral-Why so much confusion?). This was the LIC’s special plan. Let us see the LA rates for this plan.


LIC's Jeevan Saral (Plan 165) Loyalty Addition for 2017-18


Along with Simple Reversionary Bonus, LIC also declares other types of bonuses like;

  • Final Additional Bonus (FAB):It is paid to those policies which are of a longer duration and has run for say more than 15 years. This is the one-time payment payable either at the death of policy holder or at maturity.
  • Loyalty Additions: LA is exactly like FAB. Few features offers such LA than Bonus (For example Jeevan Saral)
  • They are paid as per the policy features and conditions. No LA will be payable if you surrender the policy in between (except Jeevan Saral).

Note-It is hard for me to share all plans FAB and LA rates. Hence, if you have a specific query related to FAB or LA rates, then you can comment it here and I will try to share the same.



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February 13th, 2018 by rajtechnews

Romantic couple in Paris

Valentine’s Day is that day in every couple’s life when they thrive to relive the unique bond they share, and when someone somewhere finally decides to tell that one special person how much they mean to them.Whatever be the case, this one day holds phenomenal importance in every lover’s life, which is why, it is of utmost importance to celebrate it in such a way, that it leaves an everlasting impact over your better half and moves their heart. And what could be a better way of celebrating it, than in a distant, dreamy, gorgeous location, that makes you fall for each other all over again….

Places to visit for Valentine’s day in India

Here is a quick overview of all amazing places to take your sweetie on Valentine’s day-

  • Kumarakom, Kerala
  • Ooty, Tamil Nadu
  • Agra, UP
  • Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir
  • Havelock, Andaman Islands
  • Munnar, Kerala
  • Goa
  • Ananda Spa
  • Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  • Santorini
  • Bali
  • Maldives
  • Masai Mara
  • Paris
  • Mauritius

1. Kumarakom, Kerala: Row through the backwaters with your love

A couple celebrating valentine’s day on a boat in Kumarakom

Spend your valentine’s day on the quaint backwaters of the pristine city of Kumarakom, which is among the most romantic places in India for Valentine’s Day 2018. Make lasting promises in the arms of your lover as the boat slowly rows through the smooth, lotus laden waters and picturesque vistas of Southern India. In fact, it’s not just few hours’ affair, you can even opt to spend the night aboard traditional houseboats, which feature cosy bedrooms, sitting area, en-suite bathroom and kitchenette.

2. Ooty, Tamil Nadu: Romance amidst the hills and the chill

A couple hanging out on the hilltop in Ooty

Owing to the stunning views of the Western Ghats and the magnificent beauty of hills, Ooty is perhaps the best place for couples on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the chilly winds atop this serene hill station while you cuddle up in the warmth of your partner and revel in the intimacy.

3. Agra, UP: Confess your love in the shadow of the Taj

A couple reveling in each other's company at Taj Mahal, one of the best places to go on Valentine's Day

Rediscover love at the most stunning epitome of romance- the Taj Mahal, one of the best places to go on Valentine’s Day. Stay at The Oberoi Hotel and spend a lavish evening with your significant other while basking in the magnificent glory of the Taj.

Agra also has other historical structures for those inspiring Instagram posts! Spare a day for touring Fatehpur Sikri nearby.

4. Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir: Take your better half to this Heaven on Earth

A couple getting cosy in the snow at Srinagar

What better a place for romance than the white, snowy landscapes of Srinagar in Kashmir. Have a passionate snowball fight or two and get entwined in each other’s charm at one of the sweetest places to go on Valentine’s Day. We strongly recommend staying aboard the houseboats on Dal Lake for an even more beautiful experience of your getaway.

5. Havelock, Andaman Islands: Let the golden sands and the sea ignite a spark in your relationship

A couple strolling on the beach at sunset at Havelock, Andaman, one of the great places for Valentine’s Day

The sun, the sea and the sand have a fascinating appeal about them that lures in lovebirds from anywhere in the world. Havelock Island in Andaman is one such paradise that was made for couples, and is thus among the most preferred Valentine holiday destinations in India. Walk hand in hand on the famous, golden sands of the beach with your beloved as you would walk with them forever through the ups and downs of life.

6. Munnar, Kerala: Let the charm of the rolling pastures bring you closer

A couple enjoying the stunning green scapes of Munnar

The gorgeous rolling hills, stunning tea gardens, vast stretches of greens dotted with colour, & eye warming scenic beauty make up for the most romantic destinations to visit this Valentine’s Day. Munnar is known to cast a magic spell over lovers and make them lose themselves to its unending charm….and into each other.

7. Goa: Set off for a hippie style love getaway

A couple romancing in privacy at Aguada Fort in Goa

And you thought Goa was only meant for beach bums and party lovers? Goa, my friends, also happens to be among those fun places to visit on Valentine’s day with your bae. The old, picturesque forts and Portuguese architecture provides a great many romantic settings to couples where they can lose themselves in each other and relive the passion.

8. Ananda Spa: Pamper yourself and your significant other with unending luxury

A couple indulging in Couple’s Spa Treatment at Ananda Spa Resort
Looking for rather luxurious ways to pamper your better half? Take them to Ananda, a destination spa resort located in the foothills of Himalayas and one of the top places to go on Valentine’s Day. Indulge in their exclusive Couples Connect spa therapies, while marvelling in the royal ambience and provisions of the elite resort.

9. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Have an adventure packed vacation with your bae

A couple celebrating Valentine’s Day by engaging in adventure activities like flying fox at Rishikesh
Love isn’t just about romance at pretty locations and intimacy. It’s a lifelong adventure that involves thrill and excitement. So, shouldn’t adventure top your list of things to do on Valentine’s Day as well? Indulge in the many adventure sports like flying fox, bungee jumping, & river rafting at Rishikesh with your significant other and help keep that passion and excitement alive forever.

International places to visit for Valentine’s day

10. Santorini – Mesmerizing with its white village

Young couple looks down on the landscape of the island of Santorini

When we talk about couple goals, we often picture the white village of Oia, the vast blue ocean and two champagne glasses shining in the sunlight. This is your destination to celebrate the day of love, with the one you love. You both can hike your way to Fira from Oia, spend a sunny day at the black beach, sail aboard your private catamaran, and live in the traditional cave houses of the village.

A wine tour will add charm to your escape, and if you both are history-enthusiasts there are many archaeological sites like Akrotiri to make you weak in the knees.

11. Bali – The Island of Gods, and romance

romantic place to stay in bali

One of the most romantic, indeed versatile, destinations in the world, Bali will bewitch you with its buzzing nightlife and hypnotic beaches. This island destination in Indonesia has it all, whether you’re looking for adventure sports or just spending leisure time in luxurious accommodation. Thanks for its year-long pleasant climate, you can visit Bali whenever you please, but of course, Valentine’s Day is big enough an excuse!

Also, to top it all, Indonesia offers free visa to Indians, and even the flight fare is not crazy high. So, if you are thinking of visiting an international hideout this Valentine’s, on a budget, then you’ve found your answer.

12. Maldives – The tropical paradise

The overwater bungalows at the Fihalhohi Island Resort in Maldives

Surely, the turquoise blue sea and the overwater villas act as a magnet for honeymooners across the world. And in case you had to miss this one on your honeymoon, there is always Valentine’s day to make up for it. Maldives is an ideal location especially for couples who are into luxury, water sports and spending hours at leisure by the beach.

This is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving, so prepare to witness a vibrant marine life like never before. The overwater villas spell grandeur in each step. Right from the comfort of your cozy bed to the views that will make your heart skip a beat, this is the best place to celebrate valentine’s day!

13. Masai Mara – The jungle of your dreams

A safari jeep venturing the wild at Masai Mara National Park

A must-visit for all the wildlife-loving couples out there, Masai Mara is a haven for many wildlife creatures. This is where you can spot the Big Five – Lion, African elephant, leopard, black rhinoceros, and Cape Buffalo. In fact, there isn’t just game viewing that this place is all about, you get to enjoy some of the best glamping resorts in the world right here.

Hot air balloon safari is yet another charmer to look forward too, especially if you have something special to tell your significant other. Save the sunset for this, and experience a straight-out-of-fairytale moment.

14. Paris – Lovers’ retreat

Dining in Paris with the view of Eiffel

Paris and romance are often treated as synonyms. The Eiffel Tower stands and glitters as a symbol of love, and we know it. So, if you are searching for a romantic destination to escape to with your beloved, Paris has to be in consideration anyway. To make your experience better, just find a spot in a Parisian restaurant overlooking the Tower, and feast on some mouthwatering French delights. Don’t forget to couple that up with a native vintage wine too!

15. Mauritius – The all-rounder

Constance Belle Mare Plage in Mauritius

So, if you both love beaches, but also the hills, then Mauritius could be the destination to pick. This beautiful country is bejeweled with glittering seashores and prettified with lush national parks. You both can go on hikes and treks, choose to spend the day at the beach indulging in various water adventure, or simply relax at your brilliant resort. There also are many Hindu temples to visit if you have a spiritual inclination.



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December 9th, 2017 by rajtechnews

Apple is in talks to buy the popular song recognition app Shazam as the tech giant tries to compete with streaming leader Spotify, TechCrunch reported Friday.

The technology news site, quoting unnamed sources, said that the deal could be announced Monday with financial terms not yet clear.

A spokeswoman for Apple declined comment.

Since its founding in 1999, Shazam has offered a high-tech solution to listeners’ longtime agony over not recognizing music on the radio or in bars, letting users identify songs through their phones’ microphones.

Shazam, which is based in London, said last year that it had reached one billion downloads on smartphones.

But it only recently started to see profitability by incorporating advertisements and tying up with other tech firms including Spotify and Apple, to which it refers traffic.

It would remain to be seen how Apple would integrate Shazam, which also faces competitors such as SoundHound.

Apple, which earlier revolutionized online music with iTunes, in 2015 launched Apple Music as the market turns to streaming, which offers unlimited on-demand listening.

Apple said in September that the service had more than 30 million subscribers — a rapid rise but still trailing industry leader Spotify which said it had 60 million paying users as of July and 80 million more on its free tier.

Stockholm-based Spotify earlier Friday announced that it and China’s Tencent were taking minority stakes in each other — a likely sign of Spotify’s growth ambitions in the world’s most populous country, where it is not yet present.

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December 4th, 2017 by rajtechnews

Xiaomi Redmi 5A India Launch, Jio Cashback Offer Extended, Google Datally, and More News This Week

  • First 5 million buyers of Redmi 5A base variant will get Rs. 1,000 off
  • Jio Prime users can avail cashback offer till December 15 now
  • Google released Datally, a new Android app to help you save data

Welcome to another edition of our weekly roundup of the biggest newsmakers in the world of technology. The hottest news this week was the India launch of Xiaomi Redmi 5A, which comes in two variants and will become available on and Flipkart from December 7. The Redmi 5A price in India is Rs. 5,999 for the 2GB RAM + 16GB storage variant, and Rs. 6,999 for the 3GB RAM + 32GB storage option. Xiaomi is offering Rs. 1,000 discount on the 2GB RAM model of the handset to the first five million buyers, bringing down the price to Rs. 4,999. On top of this, Jio is providing cashback of Rs. 1,000 to customers who buy either variant of this handset.

As for the specifications, the Redmi 5A has a 5-inch HD display, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, and a 3000mAh battery that is claimed to deliver backup of up to 2 days. It sports a 13-megapixel rear camera sensor with an f/2.2 aperture, as well as an LED flash, and a 5-megapixel front camera sensor with f/2.0 aperture. It runs MIUI 9 based on Android Nougat and supports microSD cards of up to 128GB capacity.

In China, Xiaomi teased the launch of the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus smartphones, which will be positioned above the 5A if we go by convention set in previous years. The company on Weibo said new Redmi models on December 7, and the accompanying image showed bezel-less design and 18:9 aspect ratio on the handset. In previous leaks, the two Redmi 5 handsets have been consistently said to feature the new design language. Other rumoured specifications include a 5.7-inch HD+ display, 1.8GHz octa-core processor, 2/ 3/ 4GB RAM options, 16/ 32/ 64GB storage options, MIUI 9, and 3200mAh battery.

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November 27th, 2017 by rajtechnews

He Looks Exactly Like Virat Kohli And Is Soon Going To Enter Bollywood

The creation of God is on a different level, and it plays some tricks when he creates ‘Doppelgängers’“.

As it is so difficult to mark your name on the pages of history books, some people still take courage to cross the lake of sorrows and struggles. They embed their names on the hard plate and emerge out like a shining star. But what about their doppelgängers? How life changes its path for them? What are some good or bad parts?

We recently had a word with Amit Mishra, the doppelgänger of our all-time favourite Virat Kohli. We had a great time discussing his experiences as a doppelgänger of Virat Kohli.

Here are some of the best parts of the interview:

While talking about education and background.

While talking about education and background.

Amit’s birthplace is Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and he completed his mechanical engineering from GLA University Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. He was also passionate about anchoring, so he was an anchor and Head of Campus Affairs during his college days. He was the officer at the office of Transport Cooperation of India. He never thought of becoming an actor, but as people say, ‘you never know what happens next‘.

Amit’s father, Mr. Ram Chandra, is an active member and state level leader of BJP.

Amit's father, Mr. Ram Chandra, is an active member and state level leader of BJP. 

He is the General Secretary of BJP in UP. His family follows the simple ethics of life; they never imagined their son to reach this level.

And the twist of the fate still awaits…

And the twist of the fate still awaits...

It was a sunny morning when Amit was traveling back to his college. He boarded a flight where he met Ikram Akhtar, an Indian film writer, director, and founder of IAF (Ikram Akhtar Films). He has worked as a film writer for major blockbusters Ready, Thank You, No Problem, Nayee Padosan, etc. The conversation started with the obvious topic of Virat Kohli looks, but it took a turn when Amit mentioned his intentions and future goals.

He said in the interview, “I told him about my everyday challenges that how the tag Virat Kohli has been stuck with my name and how it bothers me.”

This was the time when Ikram Akhtar decided to write and direct a film of this concept. But what about the actor of the film? The person was sitting next to him. Yes, Amit Mishra.

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November 22nd, 2017 by rajtechnews
Representative Image
VELLORE: Police on Tuesday arrested a 40-year-old woman from Vellore for a ‘derogatory’ Facebook post against a Madras HC judge. Police were not clear if the woman had posted or shared the message, but Vellore SP P Pakalavantold TOI that the offence was the same in either case.

 The message on the FB page of S Mahalakshmi, a homemaker from Sathuvachari, on September 14, questioned Justice Kirubakaran’s remarks against teachers staging protests and strikes. The judge had, in an order on a teachers’ protest in September, said such boycotts and strikes were a primary reason for government school students scoring low marks in NEET.
The post that appeared on Mahalakshmi’s FB page said the protest called by 96 associations under the ‘Jacto Jio’ banner included not just teachers, but also other professionals, including court staff, block development officers, noon meal staff, tahsildars and professors. Attributing motives, she said the judge was harsh only on teachers. Earlier, at least 10 people, most of them Jacto Jio members, who posted messages against the judge on social media were arrested.
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November 17th, 2017 by rajtechnews

Facebook is killing a feature you forgot you hated

Facebook today announced in a blog post it would be phasing out third-party app invites — a feature that was often reserved for games such as Farmville or Bejeweled.

Unless you’re a sucker for pain (or, mercy forbid, someone who actually uses them), you’ve probably long-since blocked out app invites from showing up in your Facebook notifications and feed. After all, who wants to get constant notifications to help out with a friend’s crops? But app invites were an essential part of early Facebook life, for many of us — mostly as a thing we had to live with.

Now, Facebook is slowly phasing the feature out. According to the developer page, the feature will be completely unsupported by February 6, 2018.

Facebook is also deprecating a few other features at the same time. This includes third-party Like buttons, which means that you’ll no longer be able to “Like” a page while you’re in another app. You’ll have to visit the actual Facebook page. Other features getting the boot include the now-redundant Follow button and comment mirroring, which allows you to comment on offsite content using your Facebook account.

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November 15th, 2017 by rajtechnews

Apple has reportedly regained the top spot in the wearable market during the last quarter. The Cupertino tech giant shipped 3.9 Million Apple Watches, as per a report by Canalys. The Quarter 3 of 2017 saw the strongest sales of Apple in 2017, with over 800,000 Apple Watch 3 with LTE support being shipped worldwide. Apple is followed by Xiaomi and Fitbit at the second and the third position, with their total wearable shipments being 3.6 million and 3.5 million respectively.

Historically, sales in the quarter 3 are slow, with this year being an exception and all the players in the wearable market outshining their previous year’s performances. As for Apple, the company has seen a splurge in sales with the Apple Watch series 3, despite the LTE connectivity issue that faced by the users earlier. Apple had then released a software update to fix the same.

The top 3 are followed by Huawei and Samsung at the fourth and fifth position respectively. Vendors are expecting a similarly strong sales performance in the ongoing quarter 4 of 2017.

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November 10th, 2017 by rajtechnews

Best Laptops You can Buy

Let’s have a look at 10 Best Laptops you can Buy in November 2017 that are in the market with some cool features and are with some extreme processing powers. So have a look at the list below.

 Laptops are generally one of the most advanced hardware devices out there in the world. These are completely the portable versions for the fully functional desktop computers that were previously meant for performing different tasks. Since the launch of the Laptop devices, we have seen a numerous number of new laptop devices being made by the manufacturers. Every year many of the new models for the laptops are launched by the manufacturers and the users get the availability for something new to choose from. It is really difficult for the totally new user to look for the best laptop device through the list of a numerous number of models with different specs available. We understand the buyers what actually they require, so depending on that we have done a lot of work to review and rate up to the different laptop models. Out of all the rated models of the laptops until this year we have found the best ones preferred by us. We have listed all of those best laptops in the post below for your assistance, please take a look at the list and you shall be able to get the best laptops for the November 2017. Let’s carry on to the list right now, read until the end and give us your ratings!

Top 10 Best Laptops You can Buy in November 2017

1. HP Spectre 360

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

Excellent, adorable and totally justifiable design of this device is what can attract anyone towards it. If you would search for the best looking and designed laptop in the world ever till now, you would surely get this device on the top of the lists. Highly sleek and minimal design with ultimate hardware implemented inside makes this laptop one of the brilliant laptops around on the globe. The 360-degree rotatable display attached to this device further makes it convenient for the users to utilize this device anywhere around in any situation.

2. Asus UX305LA-FB055T

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

The Asus is the maker of the finest laptops in the world. All from the small parts of the computer devices like RAM modules to the large parts like motherboards, processors etc, Asus just qualifies as the top-rated manufacturer in each category. More often the users seek for inserting the parts in their computer devices that are built by the Asus, but you know this one laptop we listed here is completely made by the Asus. How could you even leave this solid performer with reliable built up? Think Once!

3. Apple MacBook Air 13

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

Macbook always makes the sense. It is all about the sharpest, lovely and the incredible operating system that is made to run on the peak level hardware by the Apple. Everyone might be aware of the capabilities of the Mac OS and if you are not then you surely might not be living in this world. No matter what are your requirements from a laptop, the Mac would happen to provide you with all the features and functioning.

4. HP Envy 14-joo8tx

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

Another great laptop from the HP, build with same passion but it has been included with the slightly lesser hardware capabilities. Although it could be enough to beat any other laptop of the similar price range in case of performance.

5. Dell XPS 13

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

If you are seeking for the high end or the top-notch device that could do you even the most complex tasks with complete ease, provide you the extreme level functions or anything that you could think of is possible, then please make sure that you analyze this device once. You shall be shocked of what the Dell has to offer for you inside this package.

6. Lenovo Z51-70

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

Lenovo focuses on making the devices that not only assist the users with the professional level functions, performance etc but also justifies the budget of the buyers. This brand just manufacturers the devices with excellent qualities and thus it sells those build laptops in the least possible price ranges. It means that you can get the highest value device from Lenovo at a much cheaper price comparatively. We prefer you to go for this laptop if you are in the demand for the highly productive laptop.

7. Asus UX305FA

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

Really small but a giant in case of productivity, this small laptop has incredible powers hidden inside the case. Anyone who is looking for the cheap alternative to the big laptops and also wish to attain all those capabilities indeed, then it should be noted that no other laptop could provide such a great performance at this price point and you should definitely go for it.

8. Asus X555LJ XX132H

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

For the basic users those who sometimes need to do the moderate tasks on their laptops, Asus has this model for them. Large display with consistent performance and the good battery life all makes this a huge turn for the seekers of a good laptop. No matter what kind of media you would wish to play, this laptop will dare you to throw more heavy tasks so that it could play those flawlessly.

9. Lenovo Yoga 500

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

Folding laptops are always a better deal than any other laptops, the reason being they are extremely flexible in any kind of usage. You can mold the laptop into a laptop and hence easily do the tasks that require touch facility. Lenovo is the brand that is known for the making of the ultimate flex laptops that could be turned around in any angle for up to 360 degrees. Moreover, this laptop is also filled with tons of amazing hardware as well as the peak level operating system.

10. Hp Pavilion 15-ab032tx

Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017
Best Laptop to Buy in November 2017

HP is always excellent, and this particular device has made this statement all true. This peak level production brand is known by the users all over the world for its productive laptops. The businesses rely upon this brand for their growth. If this is not enough for you then please go and check out any HP laptop out there, even the cheapest model would make you aspire this brand quality.

After reading the above list of best laptops you have got to know about the most advanced and high-end computing devices that you could be able to buy in this November. The year 2017 is still not over and we would be looking forward to any of the releases by the manufacturers and hence getting the really great laptops out of them. Until the time while the new laptops are not provided to the world you should look no further as we have written about the best of the best laptops of this year till this month. We hope that you might be getting the benefits out of this article or the information. Simply log on to the comments section below and write there for your opinions or suggestions regarding the post.

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